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The Old Spanish Gold Mine – Part 1 Introduction

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A few years ago my dad told me about a website, The author, a man by the name of John Arthur Deal was a passionate advocate for Arizona and a fellow explorer. Among his many writings was a story about … Continue reading

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The Mighty Saguaro

The Saguaro is an everlasting symbol of the desert and our great state of Arizona. We are blessed to be one of only two states (including Southeastern California) to house these plants of mythical fame. This article is dedicated to … Continue reading

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Desert Survival Basics

Think you’re prepared? Take our Desert Survival Quiz! If your out doing any exploring there are some basic guidelines for coming home safe. Here is a very brief primer, but if you are a serious outdoorsman do some more reading, … Continue reading

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Phoenix Lights

One of the most widespread UFO accounts in the world was right here in Arizona. It was an event witnessed by thousands across the state. On March 13th, 1997 the first report came in from Nevada, then as the minutes … Continue reading

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Jaguars in the Desert

It sounds like a bad SciFi movie but believe or not Jaguars are actually native to Arizona. The population was documented until 1986 when it was believed that they had moved south. However in 1996 a mountain lion hunter photographed … Continue reading

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The Explorer’s Creed

Arizona is filled with great places to explore but unfortunately everyone doesn’t always treat the desert with respect. So I invite you to take the explorer’s creed, and openly affirm that you are one of the good guys. I am … Continue reading

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