Jaguars in the Desert

Macho B

Macho B with a satellite tracking collar.

It sounds like a bad SciFi movie but believe or not Jaguars are actually native to Arizona. The population was documented until 1986 when it was believed that they had moved south. However in 1996 a mountain lion hunter photographed one. In 2009 an Arizona Game and Fish black bear and mountain lion research team had the extraordinary luck of finding one. They were able to fit it with a satellite tracking collar and named it Macho B. Macho B lived to be the oldest known Jaguar in the wild, an estimated 15 – 16 years old.

Even with Macho B very little is known about the native population of Jaguars. It is theorized that the majority of the population lies 140 miles south in Sonora, Mexico, but males travel across the border to patrol their territory.

To read more about Macho B visit his home page on the Arizona Game and Fish Website.

Jaguar Range Map

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