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Dust Storm 2011

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On July 5th, 2011 a massive dust storm hit Arizona. Lucky for me I missed it, but here are some pictures and videos to see the impact firsthand. Advertisements

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Arizona – The Origin of the Name

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Arizona has a rich history and a diverse landscape, but of all of the events our state has been a witness to, what inspired the name? The fact is no one really knows for sure, but there are several theories. … Continue reading

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The Old Spanish Gold Mine – Part 6 Answering the Big Questions!

So stories and timelines and everything else aside what does all of this mean for the Old Spanish mine? Is it old? Is it Spanish? Was it rich? It is time to draw some conclusions! Who built it and when? … Continue reading

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The Old Spanish Gold Mine – Part 5 Timeline

Before I get too far into my other research I want to establish a timeline to illustrate just what was going on in the Southern Arizona area for the past couple hundred years, plus this will help me put the … Continue reading

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The Old Spanish Gold Mine – Part 4 Milton’s Tale

This story was published in three parts in True West magazine in 1958 by Milton F. Rose. It was ┬átitled simply I Found a Lost Mine and is by far the most detailed and realistic account of the mine. From … Continue reading

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